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The Truth Shall Be Told   -   album



The debut album of Zacheous Jackson features 17 tracks of

pure conscious message music! Zacheous Jackson is sure to

make known his musical intentions to all who will listen to

this album, with songs speaking to world leaders/oppressors

and their mis-actions which are hurting the world, speaking

about people bleaching their skin and raising their children

carelessly. Zacheous Jackson expounds on poor actions of the

people and the lack of EDUCATION (and other things -

“Remember that deh letter by di one dutty Willie Lynch, he.

Well nuff a wi still living the Willie Lynch reality”)

Zacheous Jackson also speaks on the troubles that he,

himself, goes through living in England and what he’s

experienced in his lifetime being who he is and being where

he’s from. The Truth Shall Be Told is a very solid Roots set

from Zacheous Jackson & Rumble Rock Recordz/RedGround Jamaica

Music  (album released-11-5-2010)





The Album is divided into four sections :


Hidden History:

400 years, Fi Wi Holocaust, Israelites Arise,

The Truth Shall Be Told, Far Away.


Reality :

Murder eena de City, Fi WI Yute Dem, Conscious

Music, Tribulation, Politician, Will My People Ever,



They Are, Come Away, Day Of Yah,



Better Dayz, Hold On, Nah Go Get Weary

Track listing :


• 400 Years[4:47]


• Fi Wi Holocaust[5:51]


• The Truth Shall Be Told[4:48]


• Hold On[5:46] Riddim by Humble Camp Productions]


• Better Dayz[4:22]


• Conscious Music[3:27]


• They Are[5:14]


• Far Away[4:35]


• Will My People Ever[4:57]


• Fi Wi Yute Dem[4:22] Riddim by Humble Camp Productions)


• Murder Eena De City[3:47]


• Israelites Arise[3:33]


• Tribulation[4:55]


• Politician[3:53]


• Come Away[4:39]


• Day Of Yah[4:45]


• Nah Go Get Weary[5:00]

Album Track Edits

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