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Zacheous Jackson, Historical /cultural Singer/Songwriter of Conscious Message Roots Reggae Music was born in London June 15th under the Original 12 tribe Israelite sign of Levi is of Jamaican Heritage and hails from the Jackson family of Negril RED GROUND Jamaica, a family that links all over the island including the Jackson family from Orange Hill in Negril.


Zacheous was just 15-years old when his mother took him home to Jamaica to get to know his heritage and his country and spend time with his family in Kingston, Darliston, Mobay and the beautiful Negril, Red Ground area home to powdery white beaches and warm seas. And it was here he discovered the Reggae Music, which is the heartbeat of the island. “ Due to my heritage” Jamaica has been instrumental in my upbringing and conscious, Zacheous explains:‘the Reggae Music eena mi blood and did, did deh before mi born’

Zacheous spent a lot of time around his big brother a native of Kingston and with cousins in the hills of Darliston(Westmoreland in the country)

He draws his musical influence from Jamaican greats Peter ‘Stepping Razor’ Tosh ,Don Carlos, Lacksley Catell , Hugh Mundell, Horace Andy, Jacob Miller, Barry Brown, Michael Rose, Ini Komozi. and started recording at home on a Tascom 246 4- Track machine making his own riddims and voicing them, then actually started recording in a professional studio in 1985, on 8 -track and 16-track anologue then up to today to digital recording , and has used the same engineer from that time till now....hence the quality and production of his works.

Zacheous reached the top 20 charts in Italy with DJ Gusma T’S radio broadcast with the track ‘The Conspiracy’ and also position #79 in the Spanish Reggae charts for his track ‘Will My People Ever’

Zacheous has performed in Turkey, Poland, Spain, and the UK

His debut album is called ‘The Truth Shall Be Told’ and has been receiving airplay in the UK, Spain, Hawaii, the USA and getting good reviews in Reggae magazines.

Zacheous Jackson is an artist that is different in the sense that he is original and writes his own material, which has been described as ‘Sophisticated and ‘Intelligent’ by Reggae writers. His works also contain Dub Poetry ie the spoken word.

His message is rooted in the spiritual message of Unity/ History/Upliftment, Conscious and Reality lyrics that highlight the wicked acts by those in power against the poor and oppressed peoples of the world ,to restore a forgotten Heritage to a forgotten people and bring about Better Days for all, a crucial ingredient needed in the Reggae Music of today.



International Reggae Festival -2008 (Spain)

Turkish Reggae festival - 2009

One love - 2009 (UK)

One Love – 2010 (UK)

Reggae Ina Di Temple – 2010 (Spain)

Rottotom Reggae Festival - 2010 (Spain)

Hootannay – 2010 Brixton(UK)

Project Supernova 2011 – (UK)

Various club and PA performances in Spain and the UK

Contact: Contact: 1-876-369-6377(JA Digicel)


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